Wealth Management Fund

- Long-term Captital Preservation - 

The Fund specialises in a focused portfolio of quality stocks. The investments are in companies with strong market positioning, solid balance sheets and first class management. The Fund can also invest in bonds of top class ratings. Due to low interest rates, there have been no investments into bonds currently.

The focus of the investment philosophy is on capital preservation, especially during down-turn periods of the stock market. Investments in the Fund are made with a long-term perspective. The Fund has been established in July 2002 and has been managed by the founder with the same investment philosophy since.


Stock Code (WKN): 663307


For further information: AQUALUTUM


International Stocks Fund

- Anticyclical Opportunities -

The Fund specialises in an anticyclical opportunities strategy in the international stock markets. The Fund targets to profit from mispricing situations of individual stocks, business segments as well as regions.

The current focus of the investments has been in the resource sector.

The target of the Fund is to deliver a substantial increase in value, regardless of stock index performances. The Fund was founded 2004. 


Stock Code (WKN): 593117


For further information: AQUALUTUM