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Audi AG stock - hidden treasures.

Sunday 31 May 2015

German carmaker AUDI AG has more to offer to investors than just the famous AUDI brand and AUDI car technology.

It is without doubt that the AUDI brand with its advanced technology and design it the jewel within the AUDI corporation. Most investors though are not aware of additional, attractive assets which are almost "hidden" within the Group.


  1. Lamborghini:

The upmarket Italian car manufacturer Lamborghini is 100 % owned by AUDI since 1998. Lamborghini sales in 2014 were Euro 586 mio. AUDI has aggressive growth plans for Lamborghini. It intends to launch a Lamborghini SUV in 2018.


  1. Ducati:

The Italian motorcycle company Ducati has been acquired by AUDI in 2012. Sales totaled Euro 575 mio in 2014. At the recent AGM of AUDI AG  an expansion of international production facilities has been confirmed. A special focus will be on Thailand.


  1. German soccer club FC Bayern München AG:

AUDI Group owns 8.33 % of non-listed German premier league soccer club FC Bayern München AG. This investment was not even mentioned at the AGM.


  1. Financial strength:

Liquid financial assets such as bank accounts, term deposits, securities and loans outweigh financial debt by a staggering Euro 16.3 bn net. AUDI acts almost like a financier within the VW empire. Euro 16.3 bn is an impressive amount of cash. Investors should note the following: 

The total number of issued AUDI stock is 43 mio shares. This means that each AUDI share "contains"  a cash component of Euro 379.-, the current share price quoted on the German stock exchange for an AUDI share is Euro 750,- !!