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Great successes are not accidental

Tuesday 10 November 2015

Time and again I am asked by young people, how above-average success in professional life is achieved. There are a variety of approaches and guides, books

and videos, and yes, an entire industry has evolved as far as measuring and reporting on success.

I would answer the question in a nutshell. After decades of reading, I found three key success components for this. The eccentric British media entrepreneur Felix Dennis - who unfortunately died much too early - hit the nail on the head. From my own experience I wholeheartedly agree with him. What does it take to become a great success? What is really essential?


  1. Determination" - complete determination to unswervingly follow the path set out and, not to lose sight of the goal.
  1. "Work hard" – put in full day's work, be diligent and tenacious, and stick it out to the end.
  1. "Fear nothing" - fearlessness, without fear to overcomeobstacles, knocking on closed doors, to be the lone voice obstacles, knocking on closed doors, to be the lone voice in the wilderness, to live with defeat and still move on.

Whenever I analyse failures or mediocre successes, I realise almost without exception that it is the lack of at least one of the above three components. It sounds sobering : It is not just fate or current affairs, nor evil policy issues or competition when business ventures fail, as you can imagine. It is all up to you. I see the three components of Felix Dennis as a yardstick and would recommend these three rules it just about anyone. You really do not need a consultant for that.