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Audi AG - once again the champion

Sunday 17 April 2016

Audi AG which is part of the "VW- Group" stood out once again. The car manufacturer in Ingolstadt produced impressive results in the first quarter of 2016.

I have often drawn your attention in the past two years to Audi shares. It was no a surprise for me that Audi AG produced new record results. In the first quarter of 2016, Audi sold more cars than ever before since the start of the year. After the all-time record sales in 2015. Audi has now increased

sales in the first three months of this year, by selling a total of 455,750 cars. This is four percent more than in the previous year. Audi is, just like a tank unstoppable, notwithstanding the Crisis in China  and the scandal damaging the reputation of Volkswagen.

I never tire of repeating: The Audi Group is a real gem (WKN 675 700).


The streamlining and realignment in the VW Group is an opportunity for VW to finally tackle the issue of  "Dealing with the remaining free Audi shareholders".

Besides the  exhaust scandal and bonus board discussions, it is long overdue that the VW management should cling to legal, key historical data, when it comes to Audi shareholders. It would great if the new VW management will understand that old ways need to change. Good corporate governance also includes dealing with the issue of Audi shareholders.


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